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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

FaMiLY n I..

My name Siti ZaHaRuL NaDiA..
i just wanne story about myself n of course my family too..
i was born in 19 JaNuArY 1991 at JoHoR BaHrU..

my father's name ZaInAl AbDuL AzIz..24 JUlaI 1959
he work as a lecturer at UTM,SKUDAI..
in FaCuLtY ScIeNcE,MatHeMaTiCs UniT..
he is my IdOLe..i really love him..he always support me whatever i do..
he give me a strength when i weak..he is a strong person.. although he sick..
he still try to help other people..

my mother's name ZuRiAtI ZaInOl..4 ApRiL 1962
she is housewife..i can't live without her..
i love her so much..
she always give a spirit to me..
although she felt tired,she still do house work with a beutiful smile..
i can't forget her sacrified..
she give me a full of love..
she make me strong when i felt down..
she always pray 4 us..
i need her and i don't want to lost her...

i have 2 brothers..name..
MoHaMMaD ZhAfRaN and MoHaMmAd ZhArIf..
both of them are very close together and always make me laugh..
MY oldest brothers,17 ApRiL 1985
i called him "ABANG..
he studying at NaGoYa,JePon..he take mechanical engineering course..
he is a clever students same as my 2nd brother..
i callled him "angah"..21 MaY 1986
he studying at LEAD,UK and the same course as abg...
they give me a spirit in study..i always study hard to achieved a success..
i wanne be like them...
they will graduate next year and maybe continue their study in PHD...

my sister's name SiTi ZhAfIrAh..
13 DecemBer 1988..
she study at UPM,Serdang and take MatHeMaTiCs Course..
she is the one sister i have..
she's very inteligent..sometime i feel jelous with her..
she clever without study..
she always advised me to study smart but not study hard..
she is the one who i can talk about my life as a teenagers..
she knows me and we are close together..

and the last one...
this person is very special..
my family and I really love her..
we can't live without her..
other people always called her "HEAVEN DAuGHTER"
she is the only our younger sister that give us strength to live in this life..
she make us thanksful to ALLAH to have a special person like her..
she is SiTi ZaHiDaH NaJwA..
23 FeBrUaRy 1995..
althougth she can't say anything and can't act like a normal person..
but we know that one day,she can be like us..
can talk,can smile,can walk and act as a normal person..
we will WAITING for that moment...

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